Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Curse... Argghh!

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Dramatic title huh??? 
*DISCLAIMER* This post may be a little TMI for some:
But honestly that is exactly how I feel! "The Curse" has me balled up in the fetal position and is keeping me hostage in this house. I haven't really worked out all week, I've been feeling sore, and I've been craving sugars HEAVY! I don't know why I couldn't figure out what was coming for me.
I don't have a regular cycle so it's hard to plan these things out but hopefully this doesn't last long. I miss my old giddy and hyper active self.


UGH I feel like this right now!! I gotta get it together this week smh!

:( doesn't it just put a damper on your parade.. *long sigh* thank goodness it doesn't last forever. We'll get it together girl! This week I'm going hard despite the circumstance. Got to go HARD or GO HOME! :D

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