Sunday, July 17, 2011

Making The Transition

 Once you've finally decided to transition into living a healthier lifestyle you may find yourself really hurting when it comes to food. You may not be able to eat out as much as you use to or indulge in your favorite late night snack but trust me it's not the end of the world.

"The greater the sacrifice the greater the gain."

Giving into your temptation will always seem like the easier way out but you will find that giving in little by little every "once in a while" will add up. In the end you will find yourself deciding between what is easy and what is right

This past week I found myself in this exact situation. I got down to 164lb and I figured since I'm doing so well I can reward myself. It's ok to reward yourself for major achievements but when your rewards can affect the outcome of your weight loss journey it's truly not worth it! In only one week I gained 9lb. 

My theory: When you begin your diet/exercise regimen your body will automatically want to go back to where it was because that's where It is considered normal for you. 

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Ex. Let's say Suzie Q. is 150lb her goal is 120lb. Her body has been at 150lb for YEARS so when Suzie begins to diet/exercise regimen she has to be careful because her weight is fragile and at any given time, if she is not vigilant of what she puts in her body, she can gain it all back QUICK.

It's easier to gain the weight back than it is to lose it. Trust me, everyone messes up every once in a while but don't give up! Dust your shoulders of and keep it moving! Setbacks come a dime a dozen so consistency is key!
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