Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So its been a while... I know, I missed ya too!
So whats new? WELL.. aside from the weight gain & hair growth nothing I guess.
Ok let me try to elaborate a little without giving away too much info:
So this past spring semester I went on super depression mode.
Lost focus on school, my weight.. well, life in general.
So of course I gained a bit.. maybe ALL the weight I lost.
But its cool because Im amped up & ready to go!
On a more positive note I finished my first professional year of pharmacy school.
(3 more years to go)
AND I'm working now.
So I've been keeping myself busy and now I feel like I'm ready to 
restart my healthy lifestyle once again... and this time I wont fall off the train.
*crosses fingers*
Stay tuned for weigh in and length check!

Stay Blessed,
Thanks for stopping by!


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