Friday, August 5, 2011

Screw you plateau!!

So as many people may already know,
I've been on this weight loss journey since May 1, 2011.
Ok look dear weight loss god, all I want is to leave these wretched 160's!
In all seriousness I feel like I have caught a negative weight loss mojo. 
190 - 180 took a month; 
180 - 170 took a month;
170 - 160 ??????? WTF
It has been 2 full months of me being in the 160's!
Now I know it's a bit early to start panicking but damnit... the
uncertainty is KILLING ME!!
*Ok girl get ahold of yourself*
I'm ok, I just hate when something that works for me stops working all of a sudden!
(i.e. Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship ~ as my hair moisturizer; Little Debbie Treats ~ stopping my sugar rushes)
I just need to know HOW LONG?!
How long do these plateau's last?!?!?!


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