Monday, August 8, 2011

Top 5 foods I will miss

I am a bit ashamed to admit a couple of these weakness due to the fact that I hate the idea of food having control of me but at times you have to face reality. Here are the top five foods I had to say farewell to:

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#5 Ms. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
The title says it all - I mean Ms. Fields left absolutely NOTHING to the imagination - It's all in the title #POW. Now not only is it a bad ass name but it has bomb ass flavor to back it up. This thing is like Pillsbury dough boy desert on crack! I use to snag one of these like twice a week. Each sandwich is a WHOMPING 460 calories! There goes your dinner right there.. 460 -frickin- calories, for ONE snack! But boy did I not care, I didn't give a darn if they told me I would gain 460 pounds after I ate it, this right here was one of my FAVORITES.

#4 Tropical Smoothie - Sunrise Sunset
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I strongly feel like the name of the drink serves as somewhat of a users manual - the directions say take twice a day, when you wake up and right before bed! Now really...?!?! You can't get mad about this one, I heard there is a RECORD BREAKING heat wave sweeping across the country. Now in my opinion Tropical Smoothie needs to go on ahead and give everyone free small Sunrise Sunset as a disaster relief effort. Am I making excuses for this addiction? NO! I'm simply expressing my concern for the health of my burned out hard working slurp heads. "POWER TO THE SLURP HEADS!" *But be careful not to catch a brain freeze!* ;)

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#3 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty
Ooooh you sugary, crunchy, salty bastard! I hate(LOVE) you soooooo much! These demons are a whomping 170 calories... FOR WHAT?!?! But let me telllll YOU, these bad boys are so frickin delish your taste buds will literally roll out your mouth and worshipping you for such good taste!
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#2 Papaya Smoothies
This WOULD be my #1 if I knew how to frickin make it! This crap is a serious hot commodity when I visit home. BTW, I don't remember the source of this "medical fact", but I heard "1 papaya smoothie a day keeps the weight away!" <-- lol wishful thinking

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#1 Life Savers Gummies - "O-M-F'ing-GEEEEE!!"
*Dramatically bursts into tears* I just can't let this one go.. In all seriousness, how can I miss something I never gave up. Yes it's true my fellow blog reader, LP08 has yet to give up her #1 on the top 5 list. I ADMIT THIS WITHOUT SHAME because these bad boys right here?!?! This is #LIFE!
Stay Sweet&Fab,


those ice cream cookies looks delicious OMG...

@Texlaxed & Things ~ GIRL! They are delish, but I horrible for the body.

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