Monday, August 8, 2011

Hair Journey Intro

..a new begining
I've been on my hair journey since July 2007 now granted there have been a couple of bumps on the road, there have been none greater than my greatest set back in September 2010 when I had to cut my hair to ear length. I was traumatized to say the least but this is a new year and a new beginning for me.
Photo Taken July 28, 2011
Official New Start Date: July 28, 2011
Hair Type: 4a Relaxed
Last Relaxer: July 28, 2011
Current Length: Full Shoulder Length
Short Term Goal: Full Armpit Length by December 2011
Long Term Goal: Mid-back Length by July 2012

For more info on my hair journey, visit the Hair Care tab on the top menu bar:


Sorry to hear about your set back =( but good luck on this new leg of your journey!

just keep pushing on and we'll make our goals sooner or later.

@Shika @Texlaxed & Things ~ Thanks for the motivation ladies!! <3

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